How To Make Money With Live Betting

I’m addicted to soccer live betting, but for good reasons. Websites like really grow on you when you know the betting world well....

How To Make Money With Live Betting

Im addicted to soccer live betting, but for good reasons. Websites like

Can really grow on you when you know the betting world well.

I began to make money from live betting when I stumbled on my gold mine- The 101 Blueprint for Profitable Live Football Betting.

I made about $540 in my first 1 hour of play just by following 10 strategies that was recommended. And that was all I needed to be addicted to live betting.

I realized it was possible for anyone to rake in $1200 in 3 hours just by following simple tips and strategies.

Finally I could profit from the thrills and ‘unpredictability of a live match and betting.

The secret is quite simple- It is safe to follow the odds.

Follow the odds because they reflect what the bookmakers think of the match.

If you follow the odds, understanding the odds and placing your winning bets accordingly will be the only challenges left.

Heres what I discovered

That the odds show us the bookmakers mind

The odds keep changing in bet in- play or live betting. And the money is in interpreting the odd changes because they tell us something about the bookmakers perspective to the match. To interpret the odd changes, we begin with knowing how the odds are fixed before and during the game.

How the Odds are fixed

Before the game, bookmakers generally fix odds after considering some factors.

Like Statistics- performance of the last five to ten games

Team News- updates on the team members.

Weather conditions

Advantage (Home or Away).

They may not all use the same factors the same way but they certainly consider these factors before fixing the odds.

During the game, bookmakers rely on live updates of games given to them by sport content providers. These companies (sport content providers) focus on getting the live updates from various matches and pass the information to the bookmakers.

Bookmakers then adjust the odds based on the updates they receive from the sport content providers. So the bookmaker is well equipped with necessary updates (whether its insider information or events happening on the pitch) and he changes the odds as he receives the updates.

This is the reason the changing odds in live betting, gives us a clue to what information the bookmakers have.

Now Ill be giving you the strategies.

5 strategies to making $1200 in soccer live betting


If the odds are too good to be true, it means the bookmaker knows something you dont and I tell you, it is advisable to just follow the bookmaker.


  • The position on the league table should be at least three levels apart.

  • Make sure the odds given by the bookmakers are unexpectedly huge.

Like I said earlier the odds sometimes might be too good to be true which means the bookmaker knows something so just play along.

  • Statistics must confirm that the receiving team hasnt lost more than once.

  • Place your bet after 10-15 minutes of the game that is the only way to know which team will be winning or losing. And also when the odds otherwise known as handicaps have been reduced.


Placing your bets on the Home teams sometimes gives you an advantage especially when the odds are huge.

Most times the odds are usually huge because of the home ground advantage they have over their opponents.

Betting on the home team when they are 1 goal down is taking the gain of the home ground factor and the hope of them being equal with their opponents before the end of the game.

Factors to consider before using this strategy.

  • The odds on the team must be at least 0.5 at the very beginning of the game.

  • The home team could be one game down but they must still be on the winning side i.e. still giving goal.

  • You cannot use this strategy on the away team.

  • The payout from the home team must be positive when the bet is effected either after 1 or 2 goals down.


Using this strategy can be 70% effective if the criterias are followed carefully.

The strategy is to win half of the betting profit if no more goals are scored within the last ten minutes of the game or win the full betting profit if the losing team equalized with their opponents by scoring a goal.

Factors to consider

  • The odds on the leading team must be 0.5 from the very beginning of the game.

  • The winning team must be leading by 1 or 2 goals.

  • The odds on the leading team must still be at 0-0.5 at the negative payout at the time you place the next bet.


The double negative odds is the state where 2 sequences of odds are offered and the payout of the sequence are negative.

Factors to consider

  • The odds on one either of the team i.e. home or away must be in two sequences. Either 0-0.5 and 0.5 or 0.5 and 0.5-1.

  • Bet against the winning team.

  • The payout for those sequences of odds must be negative most of the time.


Giving each other goals means the match is definitely close.

Usually the home team gives the handicap but the away team can also do that when they are good in ranking.

Factors to consider

  • The teams at home and the ones away are giving each other goals of 0-0.5.

  • Bet on the team which is down by 1 goal.

  • When one of the team is down they will still be giving each other goal of 0-0.5.


This strategy is about odd movements showing a bad betting decision and you being ready to lose less of your winnings instead of losing the whole.

G good example of cutting less is the dropping of payout from positive to negative.

Cutting loss is mentally admitting that you made a bad decision but instead of losing all, you lose half

Factors to consider

  • If there is an immediate drop in the payout i.e. from negative to positive.

  • Be fast with your decision if youve decided to cut loss.


Im sure that with these few strategies I have explained above winning $1200 within three hours on live soccer betting wont be an issue.

Believe me, these strategies were my secrets to my first winnings and it was definitely more than $1200.

When people say luck, I say strategy which should also be your response.

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